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Chatham University - Eden Hall Campus

Stormwater at Eden Hall is managed by five rain gardens which collect and direct water flow. Gravel walkways and parking areas allow for infiltration, reducing runoff. A rainwater harvesting system gathers and cleans the water, which is then used for crop irrigation. Eisler Landscapes worked with the design team through the bidding and value engineering phases and worked on the site for two years insuring that these installations met the highest standards for sustainable sites. Eden hall will be the first campus in North America to apply for SITES certification

6035 Ridge Road, Richland Twp, PA 15044


- Planting 704 new trees

- 26,151 square feet of rain gardens

- 7,074 square feet of bioretention areas

- 41,983 square feet of permeable paving (57% of all new paving surfaces will be permeable)

Download Project Cut Sheet Here